Smart Strategy + Compelling Design

Website design and marketing coaching for independent consultants and professionals who want to stand out from the crowd, attract high-quality prospects, and turn opportunities into enthusiastic clients.


Hello, I'm Jen.

Too many talented and passionate professionals fail to get the attention and income they deserve because of underperforming websites. 

This often leads to trying every marketing tactic in the books—even the ones that make you feel like you need a shower—hoping something will pay off. But there's a better way.

I’m on a mission to design websites that look good and get results. Let's work together to create an engaging and memorable website that differentiates you from your competitors and speaks to your ideal clients—without tired and sleazy marketing tactics.

What I Do

Website Design + Build

I take a deep dive into your business, define a smart strategy, and create a simple, distinct, and compelling website that is a pleasure to use and easy to update.

Marketing Coaching

I help you find your natural voice, develop and implement a marketing plan that aligns with your goals and values, stay focused and accountable, and avoid costly mistakes. 


Why Work
With Me?

I've developed a process that works. 

Anticipating a website design project can feel overwhelming. I break it down into clear steps with guidance along the way. Collaborate on the vision, see your website evolve, and launch with a marketing plan to make it a success.

My expertise is yours.

With me, you get a designer with the business savvy to solve problems and uncover opportunities, a strategist who can help you clarify your goals and create a plan to achieve them, and a marketer who knows how to keep it real and reach your ideal clients without resorting to pushy marketing tactics. 

I'm committed to your success.

I aim to build a long-lasting, collaborative partnerships with my clients. 

My 6-year-old blog, with over 500 posts, needed an overhaul. Jen's professional approach and attention to detail did a lot to ease my nerves and changed the project from daunting to enjoyable. My new site is gorgeous and fits perfectly with my brand. Even better, my readers love how easy it is to use and I've seen an increase in traffic since the redesign.

Becky Schade

Interstellar Orchard

Frequently Asked Questions

It depends on the scope of your project and every project is different. The functionality required is a big factor when estimating design fees. Other factors include: type of content, timeline, and how much experience you have working with a designer. I'll provide a detailed scope of work after our initial conversation. Please note that my average starting fee for website design is $5,500. If your budget is smaller, I can change the project scope or break the project up into phases to accommodate it. 

It depends upon the complexity, size, goals, and functionality—as well as your responsiveness and the quality of your participation. Most projects have an 8 to 12-week time frame, while larger and more complex website projects can take 6 months or longer. Once a deadline is agreed upon, I outline a schedule to meet the deadline. If you have a shorter time frame, and my schedule allows, I'm happy to negotiate an expedited schedule.

We'll communicate primarily via email with weekly video chat meetings for strategy and presentation. Good communication is important to the success of a project. Working with me, you will always know where we are in the process, what's been done, what's next, and what I need from you. You'll have many opportunities to ask questions and provide ideas. 

Technology allows us to collaborate on your website project remotely. We'll meet face-to-face via video (using Zoom) on a regular basis throughout course of the project. 

Want to expand your reach and work with clients all over the world? That's a strategy we can discuss during a coaching call. 

Not if done correctly. First, I review Google Analytics to see how you rank. If your site doesn't rank, there's nothing to preserve! Otherwise, I'll do a site audit, noting which pages rank (must be preserved) and which do not (can be eliminated). Next, I'll examine your site structure. I'll keep the overall structure and use redirects to tell Google which pages have been moved or removed. Finally, I'll compare the new website structure to the old one to make sure everything looks good and submit your sitemap to Google. A key detail is that I make your site invisible to search engines (not indexable) during the redesign. 

Are you ready for long-term success?

A website that looks good and gets results. Yes! Marketing that is awkward authentic, targeted, and totally doable. Heck yes!