Jen Conshue - Transformative Coach

Jen Conshue

Transformative Coach

Coaching is a collaborative, non-directive conversation that brings about change through inquiry, reflection, choice, and new behaviors. My coaching approach combines mindfulness, humor, existentialism, positive psychology, ontology, and emotional intelligence. Together we'll explore your beliefs, assumptions, values, and expectations in order to create greater possibilities for being in your one extraordinary life. I'm passionate about working with all kinds of people and challenges, but I'm particularly interested in working with: 1. People stuck in the middle of transition, between an ending and a new beginning, who are ready to find a way forward. 2. Multi-talented people who want to combine their gifts and strengths to serve others and make a difference in the world. 3. Late bloomers who are still seeking their meaning and purpose or just discovered who they want to be when they grow up and are ready to jump into the unknown with passion and purpose. QUALIFICATIONS - Accredited Diploma in Transformative Coaching, Animas Centre for Coaching - Meaning and Purpose Practitioner, School of Positive Transformation - Strengths Practitioner, School of Positive Transformation - Positive Psychology Practitioner, School of Positive Transformation - Meditation and Mindfulness Teacher, School of Positive Transformation - Health and Wellness Coaching, Emory University On a personal note, I enjoy hiking, cooking plant-based food inspired by flavors from around the world, gardening, watching international shows and films, learning languages, and helping my senior cat live his best life.

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Oregon, USA

"Jen's wonderful, calming presence allowed me to quickly feel at ease and comfortable enough to explore thoughts and ideas I generally keep guarded. Paired with this is a strong ability to "read the room," understanding when and where to push me to challenge my limiting thoughts."


I loved my sessions with Jen. She is calm, grounded, and supportive with the gift of making you feel like it's going to be okay without using those words or going into cheerleader mode. I was able to trust the coaching process and explore my beliefs, feelings, needs, and goals in great depth.


Jen asked deepening questions to expand my self-awareness. I was able to consider my thoughts, feelings, behaviors and patterns more deeply than I could on my own and this allowed me to gain some valuable insights.

H. M.

Jen's strength was her relatedness and genuine interest in learning more about me which was reflected in the spot-on nature of her questioning. I can't recommend Jen enough. Her caring nature and easy-going style combined with a pragmatic approach was the perfect mix for me.


Jen is a calm and attentive listener. She demonstrates a sincere curiosity in exploring a client's motivation for change.


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