It's a lifestyle.

Bill Giannini came to me for a website to promote his real estate services and book. Bill's an agent with Platinum Real Estate Professionals in the Las Vegas area. He's also the author of a book about his experiences working in one of the toughest real estate markets in the US. 

Context + Challenge

As a full-time Realtor during the height of the home buying and selling season, Bill didn't have time for blogging and writing content for a full-scale website project, and his budget was small. But, with the impending publication of his book, he needed an online presence fast. 

The primary objective for the website was to create a hub for information about his book and real estate services with the goals of generating leads and building a subscriber database. 

Process + Insight

Stand out and fit in

With thousands of real estate titles on Amazon, Bill needed his book to stand out in a sea of search results and yet still look like a business book. Blue is the traditional color for business books, so I paired a bright blue with black for a more modern look and feel.

The main book title doesn't make it immediately obvious what the book is about so I highlighted the subtitle. This creates a focus for your eye when your book has a long title.


Keep it simple

If you're a solo professional, particularly if you're just starting out, you don't need a complicated and expensive logo or brand identity. You are your brand. So, for Bill, I kept it simple and created a clean and modern text-based "logo" for the book and website. I chose a humanist sans serif typeface for a natural, organic feel. The Google font, Open Sans, is professional, yet casual and friendly.


Inspiration from the Nevada desert

Warm, friendly, bold, modern, blue—these are a few of the words that came up during my conversations with Bill. To make the book cover and website design cohesive, I took the blue and black from the cover and paired it with colors of the Nevada desert for the website.

The colors, unconventional when compared to traditional real estate websites, connect with the people who choose to relocate to the Las Vegas area.


When a single page is all you need

Instead of delaying Bill's book launch for a big website project, I proposed a streamlined, one-page, minimum viable website with subscribe and contact forms for list building and lead generation. This would allow Bill to get his work out into the world quickly, test the market, build an audience, and learn about his readers and clients.

While it may seem counter-intuitive to launch a minimal website, it's a smart move with a new book, course, or service. Getting your work out quickly allows you to get feedback on your offerings, gather data that tells you how people are using your site, learn what's working and what isn't, and make changes. 



In just a few weeks after his website launch, Bill landed a featured interview with a top real estate industry publication. And, he has received positive feedback from his clients who now refer to Bill as "The Realtor who wrote a book," which helps to differentiate him from his competitors.

Jen hit the mark perfectly. She worked closely with me to craft an attractive, stylish, and user-friendly website that has impressed my clients and helped my sales grow. Her knowledge of, and guidance through, the design process made me confident that I would end up with just what I needed. Her communication was excellent.

Bill Giannini


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